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Mom & Tot
Pre/Post Natal

Adult Mixed

CrossFit Mom Classes Calgary Inglewood yoga moms1 CrossFit adult-mixed Classes Calgary Inglewood

We offer CrossFit workouts, scaled for all three trimesters and post-partum women. Whether you already do CrossFit workouts, or want to start, we can help you on your fitness journey.

We are now offering Yoga classes!

Our mom class "Mom & Tot" is designed for pregnant women, post-partum women, and women who are thinking about becoming pregnant.

This is the standard CrossFit program we offer for adults in a co-ed environment.

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What is CrossFit?



CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource

CrossFit is called “The Sport of Fitness” because it re-introduces personal athletic achievement and performance to training. Most of our workouts are timed. The faster you can do them the fitter you are becoming. It is that simple. It′s hard, fun, exciting, challenging, and will push you to be your absolute best!

dateClasses range from 7AM to 6PM daily.

Plus classes offered from 9AM till Noon on Saturdays!

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27 December 2013 If you found yourself unable to make it to the classtimes offered today...
26 December 2013 Hope that everyone had an amazing Christmas .. filled with family,...
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